The Bravenators 

Join us on our journey through-out February

Media Team

Ladeline,Emily, and Jack worked on updating our Engineering Notebook and documenting our progress this month. They are working on reaching out to sponsorships and brand collaborations. Their creative minds and hard work are very important to keeping our team organized!


 Nick, Marina, and Cormick worked on constructing the various parts of the robot through many trials and errors. They collaborated and researched to find new, unique, and efficient robot designs. These members are extremely dedicated, and led our robot to being first in the League.

CAD & Programming

Tanner,  Dylan, and Ethan worked on using 3D printing platforms such as CAD to design parts of the robot. These members have worked very hard to design and print unique robot parts.

Our Motives for This Month

Collaborating, Success, Hard Work

This month we want to work as a team to grow and build our team. We are very excited about our past victories, and wish to continue our success.

What We Are Up To


Team Work

Since the splitting of our team we have worked extra-hard to make sure everybody is in the right spot. We collaborating and working as a team to ensure everybody succeeds this season. 

Meets and Competitions

We are working hard to get ready for coming meets and competitions. We can not wait to meet with other teams! 


Alongside our robotics team, our members help organize and work with our younger robotics teams in the middle school. We are excited to be spreading the S.T.E.M initiative to our community!

"This was a very busy month, but we were able to deconstruct our bot and fix it multiple times. I am excited to see what comes next."

Nick Fanneli 

"This month I worked on organizing our new team B2 Judgement Day. With the help of my team members I was able to accomplish a lot."

Cormick Feeley 

"I was able to work on many different parts of the robot this month. I helped to assemble and take apart the robot. I am very happy to see our progress."

Jack Reed

Notes on Our Progress

Designing Different Parts

Our members Marina, Dylan, Cormick, and Tanner have worked hard this season to design parts of the robot. Of course this takes a lot of practice, many of these members watch many tutorials and ask for help in-order to improve. We are very excited to see all their progress. 

Coding Autonomous 

Programming the robot is no easy challenge. Nick, our main coder, works extremely hard to update the code to match our current robot. Coding autonomous is a very long and difficult progress. We are very happy to have this programmer on our team!

The Engineering Notebook

The notebook is used to track all of our progress and to give in-depth accounts. Emily, Ladeline, and Jack work on uploading photos, creating videos, and documenting CAD designs for the robot. 

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