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Our January Issue

During the month of January are team experienced many exciting moments and celebrations. This would not have been possible without all the hard work our members did. Read through to see some of accomplishments and learning moments!

Splitting the Team

During the past month we made the decision to split our Bravenators team into two seperate FTC groups. Half of our team will stay with the Bravenators, and the others will be part of B2 Judgment Day. We believe this will bring more effiency to our team, and lead to more opportunities for our members. We can’t wait to see both teams’ progress!

Un-defeated Champs

During our last two meets, we are happy to announce that we were an un-defeated team! Our members had a great time competing and catching up with other teams. We spent a lot of time and work to get to this position, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

About Us

Our Mission& Vision

During this month we made many changes and fixes to our robot. From our previous meets and hours of practice, we found points-of-error in our robot that needed replacements. We desgined different lifts and parts to make a more efficent robot. Our members sketched many different ideas, and had many test-trials. With the help of our mentors, we 3-D printed many different robot parts and elements.  Of course, this was not an easy process, and took tremendous effort from our engineering and design teams.  Our most noticiable changes were changing our lift mechanism, and re-coding autonomous. 


Our members use different 3-D programms to design parts of our robot. This month, our biggest focus was the robot lift and in-take.


After 3-D printing all the parts, we start assembling our robot together. Our members come together to work on building different parts of the robot.


When our building is almost complete, we program our robot. We worked very hard on coding autonomous this month, since we made many changes to our robot.

Our Work

What We Do

With splitting into two teams, it has been a lot of work to make sure both teams are succesful. Here is a quick rundown of what we do. 


Re-designing the lift


3-D printing


Programming Autonomous


Going to meets


having fun

This month I taught other members such as Tanner about CAD and how to 3-D print. I worked on redisgning and printing the grabber. I built the lift a total of six times! This included many trials to perfect to our robot. 

Marina Greer

I mainly worked with Marina on building the robot and programming. Since we we went through many different robot desgins this month, I was incharge of re-coding the robot.  

Nick Fanelli

I am the head of our second team- B2 Judgment Day- and worked on organizing our team together. The members helped CAD a robot, and got a start on building it. I can’t wait for our team to start competing!

Cormick Feeley

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